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I'm Manuela Schappert, aka Luna Mea.

Freelancer, Artist, Illustrator and Visual Game Design student.

My dream is not only to create paintings,

but entire worlds in which we can find ourselves.

I have set myself the goal to unite traditional and digital work

and breathe life into everything that comes out of it.

If I can't create anything, I feel imperfect.

people are emotions

and art helps us to experience them.

Mina Olen Portrait

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Didn't find the right thing?
No problem!
I also accept commissions.

For an individual work, please contact me by e-mail or the contact form.

"Great art - or good art -

is when you look at them, experience them and keep them in your memory.

I don't think concept art and traditional art are that different."

-Damien Hirst-

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