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What does "Luna Mea" mean? 

I've been looking for a pseudonym or artist name for a long time. In the end I settled on "Luna Mea", an anagram of my first name Manuela.

Which artists inspire you? 

Traditional: Salvador Dalí, Bekinski, Alex Gray and HR  Giger 

Digital: Loish v.B. and Francisco Garcéss are among the greatest artistic inspirations.

What attracts you to traditional and digital art? 

Painting and drawing traditional feels more personal. Starting with mixing the colors and choosing the brushes - and since I like to work with a palette knife and my hands myself, I am closer to the colors while I work. 

Working digitally is more forgiving of mistakes and there are more versatile ways and tools to breathe life into an image.

The tools offer a varied range of effects and light and shadow are easier to implement in my opinion. In addition, mistakes are faster and easier to correct, even days later. If I decide to use a different color in the course of the creation, it is easy to change the picture accordingly. 

Both have their pros and cons!

What materials do you use? 

Acrylic: Royal Talens Amsterdam and Lukas

Watercolor: Schmincke Horadam and Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor stifte 

Gouache: Schmincke and Arteza

Pastel: Jaxell or Faber Castell

For sketches I use normal (pressure) pencils. Different inkpens between 0.05 mm - 0.8 mm are used for the outlines.

I set highlights with a white acrylic pen or a brush with acrylic paint.

What programs do you work with? 

I mainly use ProCreate, followed by ClipStudioPaint and Photoshop. The post-processing of my traditionally manufactured works and the images that I want to print is done in Photoshop.

Do you have your own online shop?

Yes! I run a small business for the sale of my pictures according to §19 UStG and am therefore exempt from sales tax.

Which countries do you ship to? 

I currently only ship within Germany, but plan to ship within the EU in the future.

What is your vision? 

I want to touch people with my pictures, carry my thoughts and feelings out into the world in the form of my art. My works are mostly dark and macabre and in every picture there is a part of my soul - which is looking for a home, a viewer who understands this part of my soul and feels understood. 


After my studies, I plan to become a full-time illustrator and concept artist in games industry, but I don't want to give up my passion for traditional art and want to build up two mainstays in which I can develop both artistically and personally.

How did it come to your studies? 

I study Visual Game Design, at the Design Academy in Rostock, Germany.


The thought of being able to make a living from my art has occupied me for a long time. But my fear of daring something new and various detours in my life have paralyzed me for many years and prevented me from realizing myself.

Today I know: It's never too late to find yourself.

What art means to me personally

Drawing is an outlet for me, a way to put my feelings on paper.


In my works I process my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

While working on my paintings, I combine many emotions at the same time without thinking about what I will ultimately create.


I usually approach my pictures with a basic idea, which can still be changed during the creation process due to various influences. So I can never predict exactly what the finished work will look like. 

If I can't create anything, I feel imperfect.

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