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Beautiful self-painted painting in 50 x 70cm (19.68" x 27.55").


The work was painted with high-quality acrylic paints on a stretcher frame covered with canvas and then sealed with a glossy varnish so that the colors retain their lightfastness for a long time.





This painting shows a young woman who radiates passion in her submission, but also vulnerability and calm. This picture is meant to show the hurt soul that has chosen the path of passion and subservience to punish itself - or perhaps to fulfill itself?


The green color sets a strong accent in this picture, which harmonises wonderfully with the slightly violet hue in the background. With light yellow and white light plays on her skin, very distinctive parts of the picture are brought to the fore and direct the focus to certain areas.


It is perfect for setting a passionate and powerful accent in your room and leaves a lot of room for interpretation of what the sub is moving in this picture.

Painting Acrylic "Submission" illustration

  • Title: "Nude"
    Size: 50 x 70cm (19.68" x 27.55")
    Canvas on a stretcher frame, stapled on the back



    Each painting in the "Originals" category is a one-off that will give your room an individual eye-catcher.

    The canvas is stapled on the back, which means the side edges of the frame have been incorporated into the image, making it flush (it has no white edges).

    Each painting has been sealed with a high quality gloss varnish to preserve color lightfastness and signed by me in the lower right corner.

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