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Beautiful self-painted painting with the Fluid Painting (Pouring) technique in 20 x 50cm (7.87" x 19.68"), as a 3-piece.


The work was painted with high-quality acrylic paints using the fluid painting (pouring) technique on a canvas-covered stretcher and then sealed with a glossy varnish so that the colors retain their lightfastness for a long time.





This 3-part painting was created using the Fluid Painting technique. Mainly greens and yellows with white accents were used, which really stand out on the dark blue background.

Due to its extremely strong fluorescent effect (image 2), the 3-piece is a striking eye-catcher in any room that has a bright black light source. But this painting is also a real eye-catcher in daylight.

Fluid Painting Acrylic "Green Fire" Fluorescent painting

  • Title: "Green Fire", 3-part painting
    Size: 20cm x 50cm (7.87" x 19.68")
    Canvas on a stretcher frame, stapled on the back

    Fluid painting (pouring) technique, highly fluorescent



    Each painting in the "Originals" category is a one-off that will give your room an individual eye-catcher.

    The canvas is stapled on the back, which means that the side edges of the frame have been incorporated into the picture, making it flush (it has no white edges).

    Each painting has been sealed with a high quality gloss varnish to preserve color lightfastness and signed by me in the lower right corner.

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