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Beautiful glossy poster print in DIN A2 (420 x 594 mm / 16.5" x 23.4").

The original was painted digital in Clip Studio Paint by me.


This picture takes a darker streak, but fits into almost any room due to the black background and the few color accents.


The story of this hermaphrodite is about the supposedly perfect creature. Sie combines many different opposites in this picture. Darkness and light, softness and strength as well as male and female. The hermaphrodite carries both sexes, all "weaknesses" and all "strengths" of the respective sex. It is perfect in itself and does not need any other partner to reproduce. 

It stands for the perfection of creation. However, we should keep in mind that nothing is perfect and everything has a flaw that makes each of us unique and individual.

Poster art print "Hermaphrodite" DIN A2

  • Title: "Hermaphrodite"
    Size: DIN A2
    First edition, 170g (A2) paper, glossy


    The predominantly black background and the white border directs the focus to the subject and makes the picture appear more modern in a beautiful frame - a real eye-catcher.

    Each image is signed by me in the lower right corner  and dated the first printing

    The picture will be sent unframed.

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